Uptime App Simple Status Alert


In the Uptime app if I enable a status alert (Simple status alert), it prompts me to configure a default connector under settings.

I don't see an Email connector available? If I configure an Index connector as default for example, I can go to "Rules and Connectors" and add Email actions afterwards.

Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding the GUI?

Thank you.

What version stack is that. I see you are on Elastic Cloud.

Yes I would expect Email to be there.

Here is my 7.13.2 Uptime -> Alert -> Connector Screen

There are also setting that can limit these see here perhaps this is set?

My apologies, I forgot to include the version: 7.13.2 Elastic Cloud.

Your screenshot shows the same as my GUI but that is not what I was looking at.

I'm looking at Uptime -> Settings:

Alert default
Alert Connectors
Default connectors to be used to send an alert.
Default connectors
Please select one or more connectors

Clicking "Create connector" is where the "Email" connector does NOT appear.

Hi @ephemeric we will update the docs and also include some inline explanation. These default connectors set via uptime settings are only used in one click simple toggle status alert. Which you can enable/disable per monitor basis in the Monitor list status alert column.

Since email connector requires user input "To" field to be exact. we can't set email as default.
If you click Alerts > Create monitor status alert. There you should be able to select email connector.

You can choose filters to narrow down monitors.


Aah, thank you sir!

May I suggest in the future one can create an Email connector with configured defaults as required?

I also see that one has to configure an Email action each and every time when defining a rule. Would be great to configure a connector/action for Email as a custom template or similar.

Thank you.

Sorry, I'm getting myself confused here.

Do you mean even if I have an Email connector defined, it cannot be selected as the Action requires user input ie. the "To:" and other fields?

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