Heat map X axis misaligned when using the print to PDF on Canvas

Hi team,

I'm playing with visualization and the print to PDF feature within Kibana. And I just realized the X axis on Heat Map get misaligned when I print to PDF. See Image

I'm sorry I had to blur some of my data, but please see the how the X axis shows up on my PDF (see red arrow) and how I have many diff values under my X axis.

Is this a known bug? or am I missing something here?


Hi @azulgrana,
I tried to reproduce the bug but no success. Could you paste a screenshot of the options tab in the heatmap editor?

Hi @Marta_Bondyra, thanks for looking into this. Something that I didn't clarify is that I'm seeing this issue when printing to PDF my Canvas workpad. I have observed a similar issue when using a Kibana object "bar chart" in Canvas, where no matter where I place the object the printing to PDF cuts off the X axis

And here is a copy of the options that I have on my heatmap

Thanks for your help

Hmm, what version of Kibana are you using?
Are you exporting with 'Full page layout' toggle on?


I still cannot reproduce it so I need more information.

I'm 7.9.2. And I don't see the option you have on your screenshot. Here's what I see when I select the option to print to PDF

Is the Full page layout option new? perhaps something that was added to 7.12.0?


I was able to reproduce it - I think the option would be to either export single visualization, not canvas or upgrade to the higher version where it doesn't happen.

Thanks Martha working on this issue. Just to clarify, can you confirm this issue does not happen on 7.12.0 ?

BTW I've found another user experiencing the same issue here Kibana Generate PDF Report Cutting Off X-Axis - #8 by thedevelpr

Yes, I checked on 7.12.1 and experienced no problems.

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Thanks for tagging me in this @azulgrana I just finished upgrading to 7.12.0 and the axis doesn't get cut off anymore which is good.

Now my new issue is that the metrics don't get aligned to the right of the bar rather it's within the bar and don't get me started on the stacked bars it's a total mess. There might be some setting I haven't looked at yet maybe @Marta_Bondyra has some quick insight into this but just wanted to give an update.

You can see what I mean by the metrics below.


@thedevelpr I'm glad you were able to resolve the axis issue :slight_smile:

Thanks @Marta_Bondyra for your help

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