Kibana x-pack reporting feature doesn't show the x-axis in the pdf


I am a newbie to Kibana. I have used kibana reporting functionality through x-pack. Thought, it would suffice my requirement. But I have encountered with a weird problem. In the pdf I couldn't locate the x-axis. Also, sometimes the legend gets cut off if it carries a bigger range of characters in it.

Here is the sample image showing the issue.

Any help on this is helpful. !


What Kibana version are you using?

This seems more like a bug, so I would log an issue in the kibana repo:

I am using Version: 6.1.1

This issue sounds familiar, but cannot find a link to it now. I think this got fixed after 6.1. I can no longer reproduce it in 6.6 in any case.

@ppisljar or @timroes, could you confirm?

I can't remember an issue about the x-axis in reporting specific, sorry. Maybe @tsullivan or @joelgriffith remember an issue around that?

@Naveena what are you optimizing print layout for this? This will help me hunt down the issue.

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