Edge of report is chopped off on PDF

We're using Kibana 6.3.1 with X-Pack to try to generate some PDFs, and everything works nicely, except that the edges of whatever visualizations or dashboards we try to use are truncated. In other words, only about 95% of the visualization or dashboard are visible on the PDF. This is most visual when we're using some slightly longer texts in the legend on the right edge of a chart. The texts are truncated and nothing we do seems to have any effect on that.

We've tried changing the dimensions of the report, but that only makes the PDF larger (or smaller), but the actual chart is sized accordingly, so the edges are still truncated.

Does anybody know how to fix this?


Hi Arndt,

I'm pretty sure there's no configuration settings in Kibana that are going to help you with this. I suggest you log an issue in the Kibana repo and include a screenshot if you can.


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