Kibana Generate PDF Report Cutting Off X-Axis

I'm having issues generating reports using Kibana. All my charts get cut off on the x-axis whether I optimize for printing or not. I've also tried to generate pdfs by creating a canvas and adding Kibana elements into it rather than creating new charts through canvas and they still get cutoff. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

what is the RAM of your Kibana instance ?try increasing the memory for the Kibana instance to 2GB.

Guidelines here:

I get no error running the report it generates all the way through but the result is that my charts get cut off like I show in the image. The RAM information for the Kibana instance mentions Elastic Cloud which I'm not using. Unless I'm mistaking what you mean by increasing the Kibana instance. Is that the same as the JVM heap size? Just an fyi my heap size is set to 31GB.

Hi there!,

I'm getting the same issue w/ my Canvas reports that I'm printing to PDF. Where you able to fix this issue?




Nope, still haven't found a solution to this and I've also been in contact with the Elastic Solutions Architect but haven't received a response back about this particular issue. I'll be sure to update the thread if I get a response back.

Thanks for the update @thedevelpr. Just out of curiosity what version are you using?

I'm using 7.9.0

I was going to upgrade to latest 7.12.0 but I wanted to see if I could get a response before I messed with my setup.

Got it, I'm seeing this on 7.9.2 and when printing to PDF from Canvas.

Misalignment/Cut-off on x-axis when using the print to PDF feature seems to be present in versions 7.9.0 and 7.9.2

The way to resolve this issue was just to update to version 7.12.0

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