Heatmap percentage mode local for each x-value


I'm trying to use a heatmap to show error count vs software version. On the Y-axis I have all the errors that can be reported by our software. On the X-axis I have the version. I would like the percentage to be calculated based on only the documents belonging to each SW version that is shown on the X-axis. That way I can compare the error distribution between several SW versions quickly. Basically every column with different SW version on the X-value would sum up to 100 %. Like a vertical bar chart with percentage mode on the y-axis.

If I enable the percentage mode, it looks like it calculate the percentage based on the total count of documents.

Hi NiclasK,

According to the visualization developers, that Percentage mode on heat maps is indeed for the entire chart, not for each term on the x-axis. It might be a good enhancement request to add that option.

The only think I think you can do for now to get a similar result is a vertical bar chart with the Y-Axes Mode set to Percentage.

In this example;

  • my Metric is Count
  • my x-axis is a Terms aggregation on extension.keyword
  • then Split Series with another Terms aggregation on response.keyword
  • then in Metrics & Axes I set the Y-Axes Mode to Percentage

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