Heatmaps / missing values / "too many series"

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Im trying to put together a heat map of mount points (x-axis) X host name (y-axis) with "system.filesystem.used_pct" as the z-axis. There are a few issues surfacing that Im not sure how to address:

1- if I set mount points to size 10 and hosts to size 5 I get a chart with > 20 y axis values. Ignoring the size param?
2 - if I set either value any higher I get the message "too many series" - what does this mean?
3 - no matter what value(s) I use for x or y axis the majority of the squares are empty. Ive checked the data and all of the values are being sent. What param am I missing / misusing? I have the lowest coloration set to start from 0 so even if the relevant disk/mount is empty there should be a value represented.

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