Help with a visualization

I have a simple visualization in a dashboard. X-axis is the @timestamp. Y-axis is a MetricValue of a service. I want to add another visualization (another graphic) with the same X-axis. Here, the MetricValue for each @timestamp has to be the average value of the MetricValue in the last 3 weeks for that @timestamp.
In other words, for example, if @timestamp is 28-03-2022 12:30, the MetricValue I want to visualize is (MetricValue(@timestamp=21-03-12:30) + MetricValue(@timestamp=14-03-12:30) + MetricValue(@timestamp=07-03-12:30))/3 . I don't know how to carry out this.

Can anyone help me ? I would be very grateful

Hi @edu_perez_alvarez,

so the only difference between the panels are different time ranges? You could customize the time range in a single visualization in your dashboard:

Here's the two visualizations side by side:

If using Lens, there's also a useful feature of timeshift if the solution above doesn't satisfy your needs. Let me know!

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