Help with resetting credentials not understanding how to


I've taken over an ES cluster with Kibana and the person who was setting this cluster up is no longer around and unable to lean on for information.

The issue we are running into is authentication. Before the cluster was turned over to me the credentials were changed. I believe the credentials were changed via Kibana and the kibana.yml after everything was already setup using secure settings. This cluster got restarted and now Kibana and Elasticsearch are not communicating, or rather at all. Kibana says its running but the page doesn't load in the browser and the credentials don't work trying to curl the nodes in the cluster for health status -- I get an authentication error. I'm reviewing the docs on secure settings but I'm not sure how to go about changing the login credentials for the cluster using the keystore tool.

What would I need to do/command with the secure settings/keystore tool to set the credentials between ES and Kibana?

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