Heroku add-on error: "This version of kopf is not compatible with your ES version"

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After installing the elasticcloud heroku add-on, on the overview page is a link the to kopf dashboard. Opening Kopf it starts spamming the error: "This version of kopf is not compatible with your ES version".

There was another post about this error, but it was closed and ended with the suggestion: "The warning pops up on every UI update, so adjusting the refresh threshold value in Kopf." But I'm not sure what that means, or how i can update it since I didnt install Kopf, just using the heroku add-on.


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I would also like some assistance with this - seeing the same thing. The answer in the other post wasn't really helpful/clear.

(Mark Walkom) #3

Kopf is not compatible with ES 5.X.

(bryan) #4

Mark, Thanks for the reply!

Do you know why is it included with the heroku add-on if it's not compatible? What are the recommended alternatives and does the heroku add-on provide them?


(Mark Walkom) #5

I dunno sorry, we don't manage heroku.

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Mark, Is there another location to get support for the add-on? The add-on domain is https://cloud-heroku.elastic.co/ and all support links go to elastic.co, so I assume someone at elasitc is aware of it.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Oh right, try posting something over in the Cloud category?

However you can use KB + Console.

(bryan) #8

Ah ok. That seems like the right place for this question. I will post over there.


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