How can i get the access url in node layer

(whoami) #1

kibana is a plugin and which contains:

  1. /app/kibana#/visualize'
  2. '/app/kibana#/dashboard'
  3. '/app/kibana#/settings'

which all are routed by ng-routes, so the access url i get from node layer all are '/app/kibana',
but how can i know which detailed url is accessed in node route layer?

(Jim Unger) #2


  1. /app/kibana#/visualize'
  2. '/app/kibana#/dashboard'
  3. '/app/kibana#/settings'
  4. /app/kibana#/visualize

These are all client-side routes, but it sounds like you're trying to work with them in the kibana server code? What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Client-side urls are defined in places like this, and then are consumed in client-side urls like this. But then there are also server-side routes defined like this that can be accessed via ajax or angular html calls.

(whoami) #3

I am trying to make some access level on these. so I have to get the client-side access url in node layer

(Wq Huang) #4

do you mean access control based on app's url?I am trying to do that too but with no luck...

(whoami) #5

that's not the right answer of my question. I think if plugin with client-side route, then we cannot get their route in node layer, right?

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