How can I know kibana dashboard latency, max indexing tps, data volume queried per time etc

I wanted to test my es to find ideal cluster volume in my production level (the number of shards and their size etc)

I watched one video Quantitative Cluster Sizing and decided to follow steps in the video
(Quantitative Cluster Sizing | Elastic) because many es docs recommend to follow this video (like How many shards should I have in my Elasticsearch cluster? | Elastic Blog)

But I cannot find docs about the way to get kibana dashboard latency per minute, events per second, data volume queried per minute, size of shards per minute throughputs/s and many other factors that was used in video

I found some meta data about cluster on stack monitoring tap in kibana but there are few data (only some info like indexing rate or document count) and window is too small to get specified value

should I use Rally? I don't know how to get these factors used for es test

The benchmarks in that video were run using an old tool that is no longer maintained and has been replaced by Rally. I did port the data and queries used in the video, including simulated dashboards, into the eventdata track for Rally though. The Kibana dashboards you are seeing is based on detailed results (one result document per operation) from the benchmarking tool, and Rally can generate similar data if you set up an Elasticsearch instance as a metrics store.

I have not been involved in Rally for a while so will leave it to someone more familiar to guide on what is currently available.

Have a look at this video and also this blog post.

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