How do you install elastic search on Windows?

How do you install elastic search on Windows? I already have JDK 1.8.0, and Netbeans 8.0.2 in my computer. Will I need anything else in order to create an Auto complete Grammar checker?

The instructions provided on the elastic website are pretty clear. Just remember in most examples to switch the slash"/" to backslash "" and add a drive letter where appropiate. For every unix shell script there is an equally named Windows batch file provided.

For running as a service there is even a dedicated page:

Also make sure your environment (JAVA_HOME, etc) is set up.

So, are the backslashes for Windows too or only for Unix? And which one should come first, the JAVA Home Environment, or the installation? I am using windows not Unix you might confuse me with those examples.

What I mean is, if the command in Elasticsearch documentation is like this:

$ bin/elasticsearch

on windows in command prompt you have to use



For configuration entries in Elasticsearch documentation is like this


on Windows use


instead. Use a drive letter where appropiate.

You can check JAVA_HOME environment by

echo %JAVA_HOME%

in command prompt. You should have JAVA_HOME set before starting Elasticsearch.

I'm really unsure about this:


I would use {path.home}/data on windows as well if written in elasticsearch.yml file for example.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Well, at least on our working installation we have E:\ELK\var\tmp
path.logs: E:\ELK\var\log [ "E:\\ELK\\var\\data", "F:\\ELK\\var\\data", "G:\\ELK\\var\\data" ]

I needed to make backslashes double when I made into an array. Without I was getting error, which one sadly I forgot.

I didn't try with forward slashes at this point.

I'm just a beginner. Am trying to build an Autocomplete Application that detects bad words, and places them with the good ones. I have two columns for that: one is for my poor grammar, while the other one is for the Good grammar. The first thing that am working on right now is to setup the environment variable for the JDK, because I cannot see it in the system environmental variable. So, I have found a link from Oracle on how to do it. Any heads up on that?

I'm surprised this works well. Good to know.

Sorry. What error message do you have?

I have copied this on the systems environment variable:


Would I be wrong to do it? Because that is the code I have found on ORACLE. The only thing that I have adjusted is the JDK 1.7.0 to JDK 1.8.0, which is what am using.

When I used this command:

echo %JAVA_HOME%

The link I pasted was the result I found on the output!

Check the link here and tell me if I was wrong!

I would like to edit your documentation so that people will not ask these kinds of questions again! If you offer the proper support that is!

Well. In path? Or in JAVA_HOME?
If JAVA_HOME then it's totally incorrect.

What I often do on windows (if my memory deserves well):


Or something along those lines.

I suspected of the same issue! Maybe now I will change it to that, and update my variables.

Can someone edit the installation documentation? I would like to contribute.

Elasticsearch documentation was recently discussed in this blog post:

Discussion is not good enough, the documentation could not be traced when I checked your home page.

Now I have set it. It looks like this:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Looks wrong. But may be your copy and paste are bad here.

This is the code I used:


or should it be like this:


For the Variable name I used: JAVA_HOME

For the other part I used the whole of this without removing anything:


Did you mean the following for the bottom part?


Please let me know before I install!

I installed my Java home as:

Personally I don't see why you have 'PATH=' within your JAVA_HOME

This works for me when running Elasticsearch. Also it requires you to restart the computer before using it after making the environment variable