How industrialize a Kibana solution?

My usage scenario is the following: I have n customers.
I want to create one dashboard per customer.
First, i create a dashboard for my 1st customer.
Then, I want to generate a script from this dashboard to generate a dashboards for customer 2, customer 3, ...., customer N.
Finally, i will customise each one.

The idea behind is that customers have similar but not identical needs and that for an industrialization issue, I do not want to start from scratch my development of each dashboard (suppose that dashboard = 30 widgets), for my 1000 customers (n = 1000).
My question is, in a context of industrialization of kibana (4 and higher) solution, is there a solution to reuse dashboards (with export or with a other way)? if Other way, I would like to indicate me?

Everything you see in the dashboard in encoded in the URL, so you can modify parts of the URL to vary parameters you need for your users (see related thread).

One solution would be to do something with the exporting feature that was added in Kibana 4.1. It leaves you with JSON data, so you could start from a "base" dashboard, export that, and use some custom built application to modify it as needed.

Than...nks. You make me save valuable time.
However, for an export tool is complete, I think it would be interesting to add an export functionality to select both a Dashboard and some widgets (not all). Version 4.1 does not allow it.

Again thank you

Thanks. Your help on the link below helped me: