How Query and Search are categorized in Kibana Source Code?

In Kibana Source Code there are files for QueryBar and SearchBar. What's the difference and how it's categorized?

QueryBar, as the name implies, is the input where you type your queries in Kibana. There is also FilterBar, which contains the filters UI that lives directly beneath the QueryBar.

SearchBar is basically a higher-level component that combines the two. If you use SearchBar you should get the whole UI that includes both query & filter functionality.

We are working to move filter functionality to the data plugin as well, which will live in a filter directory.

The reason this is broken apart is due to work we are doing to prepare for the new Kibana platform that is in development; ultimately we will be delivering different pieces of functionality as services which live inside the larger domain of a plugin. Services could export both APIs and UI components, so in this case we will be adding more APIs around querying/filtering/searching which will each live alongside these UI components.

Thanks for your clear explanation. The Query we enter will convert to Elastic DSL and how DSL Query is connecting with ElasticSearch?

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