How to change the page of kibana?

(Bend Moly) #1

hello everyone , I have a problem about the kibana page.

I need to change the page as my project.
When I try to change some htmls in src/plugins/kibana/public/,but nothing changed.

So I want to konw how to change the kibana page like adding the D3 chart or delete the navigation,and so on?

Forgive me about my poor English,thx.

(Jon Budzenski) #2

Kibana packages up files into the root level /optimize directory before serving them to the browser. If your server isn't running in development mode, or the files in the optimize directory aren't updated, then your changes won't be visible. is a good resource for getting a dev environment setup.

If you have downloaded a packaged version of Kibana (off for example) and want to make a quick change without setting up a dev environment, deleting the contents of the optimize folder will cause the server to rebundle everything when it next starts and changes should be visible.

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