How to configure different Networks

Hello everyone,
I am new to elastic and I am trying to configure my elastic cluster with two different networks, the first one for kibana connection and the second one for data collection from beats. How do I configure my yml file in this case ??

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That diagram is a little hard to follow, can you explain what you want to do please?

Hello Mark,
Sure, what I am trying to do is to configure two separeate networks for my elasticsearch cluster one dedicated for Kibana connection, as you can see in the network diagram network, and the second network dedicated for the collection of data from logstash, beats, ecc.. network
Usually when you configure your elastic server you provide the ip address of your interface you want to listen for incoming traffic on. Is there a way to configure two different IP addresses, one dedicated only for kibana traffic and another dedicated for data collection??

Elasticsearch can listen on multiple interfacdes using the setting. But you cannot tell it to only use one for Logstash and another for Kibana. You can configure Kibana and Logstash to only use specific networks, which gives you that result.

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