How to convert http request to keyword type

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Hi All,

I have a packetbeat elastic kibana setup. i want to download captured http.requests.body and http.response.body via kibana data downloads functionality. So i used kibana data table visualization option to display the data on UI and let users down load them. The problem I am facing is we can add responses only but not requests to the data table. The reason for the issue is requests has the text type and responses have keyword type.
how can I change request type from text to keyword allow requests to be downloadable?

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Hi @nuwancs,

Thanks for your report, I've submitted a fix for this issue

In order to fix your problem you're going to have to reindex your data with the correct mapping. See

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I managed to fix the issue by changing the fields.yml file. Had to change request type from text to keyword.

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thanks, @adrisr for the response. even though your answer didn't fix my problem, I managed to find a solution based on your answer.

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