How to easily navigate to or go back to 100th page in the Dashboard's Discover window?

I have created a dashboard and added a "Saved Search" (aka Discover) window to it. But then I found it only shows 50 items by default. And I have to use the following buttons to go to next page.


This is inconvenient because I have such scenarios:

  1. Go to 5th page (records: 201-250), found some abnormal IPs like
  2. Search ip: in the top Search box, and analyze the traffic with IP:
  3. Go back the 5th page (either by browser's Back button or clear the search), see other traffic or go to 6th page.

But in step 3., when I go back, I found I returned to 1st page, instead of previous 5th page. I have to click the "Next" buttons four times to return to 5th page. It's even making it harder if I go to the 20th page for example, I have to click "Next" for 20 times then.

I can think of several solutions:

  1. Search (in the top Search box) can be started in new browser tab.
  2. When I clear the search, I can go back to the previous 5th page.
  3. Give me a fast way to navigate to 5th page, e.g., showing the buttons like "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", ... instead of just "Previous" and "Next" two buttons.


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