How to export all data from filebeat with specific time range

hi there
I already set Elasticsearch, kibana and logstash.
and then I already set on client for filebeat to get mysql_error.log & mysql_slow.log

Currently from filebeat already send to Elasticsearch and I can see using this dashboard
but I can't export all data from dashboard at panel slow log data

example I set Time Range 7 Days
but when I export only got 5 rows same as on dashboard

so how to export all data with specific time range ?

Hey @budums,

The export function in a dashboard only exports the data that you see on the visualization.

If you instead use Discover to find the data that you want to export, then use Share > CSV Reports, you'll be able to export it that way. You can also save the search so that you can export it again later.


Nice guide
it's work
thanks @brianseeders

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