How to extract my Search Query result to Desktop

Hello Folks,
Can Sombody help me , how can i get the result(responses ) of my Search Query wich i wrote on "Kibana Dev Tools Console" into Desktop (Something like extract the Query Result), Example,

GET test-2019.03.18/_search
"query": {
"match": {
"word": "Hello"

with this example it shows me 9 hits, where that word "Hello" exsist.
Now i need to get this Result on my Desktop as good as possible.(Something like to get it in a text Format or Whatever).

Is that Possible?
Is it Possible to get Just the hits Result (Just the Field wich Contains the World "Hello" nothing else , nothing like @timestamp or "Path" or "_Version" , just the Field "word" with its Hits).

For any Idea i will be Thankful.
Any Updates?


What does Desktop mean here?

Did you try looking at discover in Kibana to see if you could get your query results?

For example:


yes i did look at discover , and i can see all my fields etc.
in discover i can not write a Search Query like in Dev Tools.
in this picture , i hit all fields "word" wich contain the word "links".
i need now to export(extract) this Search Result(5 hits) into my Computer Desktop as Text Format or whatever. I want to see the Result out of Kibana Tool, i want the Result to be extract on my Computer.
Is that possible???
in discover i could not write Search Query , if i could , so i can save the Result , and look at it in management and than Saved objects

You should be able to use either Lucene or KQL to write your search query in discover.

You can also look at searching using filters in discover and then change the query DSL to work around this.

You can also look at inspect to get at your es request and response:


i see a Setting Icon beside the Search field in discover in your Picture,
See my Kibana , i use Version 6.3.0 , but i do not have that Icon on my discover.

Should i install something extra to get this Icon??

You mean inspect icon? You need Kibana 6.5.0 for that.

Add a filter is the same. We just have the newer UI in later releases.


oky i got it , i will Install Version 6.5.0. So i can Write my Search Query in discover comfortable.
It is not possible to add something like "Fuzzy" or "regex" or more Complex Query using that "Add a filter" Button.
The "Add a filter" Button is kind primitive.
Can you please tell me , after you Save the Search Query , we can see it under management-> Saved objects->Searches ->Export the selected(saved) Search.
But it will Export it as JSON FORMAT on my Desktop computer.
Is it possible to choose the Format ?
Is it possible to export just the specific Field we want , with out exporting all other Field(@timestamp, _version, path ect..) or is that Standard by Exporting Search Results??
thx .

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