How to find which indices are mostly queried

Hi All,
What is the best way to rank the indices in a cluster according to how many requests they get?
API Index stats?

Thank you in advance for your insights/opinons!

You can see that in Elasticsearch Monitoring Metrics | Kibana Guide [8.2] | Elastic

Is there an equivalent API call?

Moreover, how can we follow this approach when using the elastic cloud?
If I connect a Kibana, I get:

We checked the cluster defaults settings for xpack.monitoring.exporters, and found the reason: Exporters are disabled: found-user-defined.

If I use the provided kibana, I get:

Monitoring data not available

Monitoring provides insight to your hardware performance and load.

Configure monitoring through Elasticsearch Service Console
(opens in a new tab or window) Go to Logs and metrics(opens in a new tab or window) section for a deployment to configure monitoring. 

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