How to get marvel to view 2 clusters status?



I setup a monitoring cluster to store metricbeat data and marvel data from production cluster. but from kibana it could only view the monitoring clusters status but not the production cluster (it grey out) although it is already divert over to monitoring cluster and i can see the data in discover.

How can I resolve this?


can anyone help?

(Peter Pisljar) #3

what exactly is grayed out ? can you post a screenshot so i am able to better understand the question ? thanks


there is always below error pop up when I try to upload file. no matter I use jpg, or gif and the pic size also very small around 25k only

sorry, there is error uploading that file. please try again.

(Mark Walkom) #5

You cannot monitor more than one cluster with a Basic license.

See for more info.


hi Mark,

can I choose which cluster i want to view?
I only want to view the production cluster's health but not the monitoring cluster's marvel, how can I do that?

(Mark Walkom) #7

You cannot, you need to only send one cluster's data.


found a way and it works.....

I uninstall the marvel-agent on monitoring cluster and deleted all the .marvel index data and i can view now.

as long as you have both cluster's marvel data, even you already disable one cluster it doesnt work.

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