How to hide embedded dasboards in kibana 6.0?

Hi ,

I have created a few dashboards which are tabbed hyperlinks in Markdown menu.Now to show as a Master Dashboard , i have created a dashboard with the markdown visualization graph.
Since the newly created master dashboard have hyperlinks to child dashboards, i want to hide the child dashboards which are visible in the dashboard view for my clients don't need to see the child and get confused, they should only see the master Dashboard with the tabbed hyperlink?

Is there any way possible to hide it ?


sorry for the very late response.

There is currently unfortunately no way of hiding dashboards from the list.

Though I totally see, why this could make sense in your use case. Please feel free to open an feature request on GitHub for that feature. That way you can track our decisions and progress on that.


sure @timroes . Thanks for your reply

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