How to hide the index for specific user

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I am using ES 5.4 and Kibana 5.4 with xpack. would like to know how i can hide the index to specific user?

Thank you.

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I think you are looking for

Which is also available in Kibana User Management part.

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Thank you the quick response. I have gone thru the above link but i have come across anything that helps me in achieving my requirement - hiding index for specific user. I see privileges to read, write, delete, index, delete index and create index. do we have anything to deny access to certain index?


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Just don't grant them access.
If you assign a user to a role that has "read" access to an index, then the user has access, otherwise they don't have access.
It's up to you to construct your roles so that users aren't given access to something they shouldn't have.

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Thanks Tim.
I agree for the above statement but what am i looking for is to restrict some user to some indices.
For Example:
User1 should be able to see Index1 only and user2 , index2 only in the same instance.

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I think I must be missing something about your question, because that looks like a straight forward use of roles.

You create:

  • user: "user1" with roles [ "read-index1" ]
  • user: "user2" with roles [ "read-index2" ]
  • role: "read-index1" with index privileges: {"names":["index1"], "privileges":["read"]}
  • role: "read-index2" with index privileges: {"names":["index2"], "privileges":["read"]}

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