How to install and use a community beat?


I would like to try elasticbeat available here

I have downloaded the zip package. I use ES in Linux. I have made changes in the elasticbeat.yml file. But there is no application file to start the beat. In the site, they mentioned the following command to start the beat

./elasticbeat -c elasticbeat.yml

But I cant start this because I dont have elasticbeat file. In their site, they says that I need to build this file using Golang. Do I need to need to install Golang in my machine to build and run this beat, or is there any other way.

Thank you.

From what I can see, there is no version of the Elasticbeat released yet, so you would need to compile it yourself from sources.
If you are looking for a solution to monitor your Elasticsearch and Kibana instances, a good option is using x-pack Monitoring for free. Here you can find more details about it.

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Thanks for your suggestion, but is x-pack completely free? Isn't that a paid package?

@elasticcloud The monitoring part of x-pack is free:

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