How to keep selected time when opening a link in a new tab?


For easier navigation I use links in markdown visualization:

code looks like this:

method: [performance overview](#/dashboard/5daa37f0-0205-11ea-b4fd-8177e891c938) | [performance details](#/dashboard/b6f6dac0-0499-11ea-b63d-7166980bc184) | [status overview](#/dashboard/ffc5a260-0492-11ea-b4fd-8177e891c938)

But when I click on the link it always opens with default time or time saved by dashbord (if dashboard has a saved timespan).

This issue occurs if I open in a new tab. If I open in the same tab, it is fine. The timespan stays there.

Thanks, Andreas

Hi @asp,

thanks for your question. Unfortunately this is currently not possible.

The currently selected time range is stored in Javascript memory and in the url in the ?_g= part of the hash. If you are doing a navigation in the same window, Kibana is able to restore the time range from Javascript memory. If you are opening a new tab though, the Kibana web app is started again from scratch and only has the hash URL parameter in the URL as a source - which is specified in the markdown vis itself and does not include the current ?_g= part of the hash because it's statically defined. That's why Kibana in the new tab falls back to the default time or dashboard time.

I totally see your use case - if you want to feel free to create a feature request in the Kibana Github repository.

thanks for your reply. I created following feature request:

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