Kibana preserve custom time from dasboard to Discover

How to preserve chosen time in Kibana Dashboard by clicking on link to Discover panel?
I need to view documents from specific time according to peaks in graphs in Dashboard. Therefore my chosen time is within 3-4 min timeframe few hours ago. I have Markdown shortcut linked to discover viewing those documents. However, specified time is always reset to default t-15min. How to create link in dashboard, to view docs in Discover tab only in specified timeframe?

In ELK 7.8.0 on-premise it works by removing "time:(from:now-15m,to:now)" from the URL, however, in cloud based stack 7.10.0 it is NOT. The URL to Discover is following:!(),query:(language:kuery,query:''),refreshInterval:(pause:!t,value:0))&_a=(columns:!(durationSeconds,User,ConfigurationId,Success,Subsidiary,Server,DmsId,ArchiveDocumentId),filters:!(),index:'672d2480-2cd5-11eb-a1ba-8915b47bf148',interval:auto,query:(language:kuery,query:''),sort:!())

Hi @Rnx,

I think

In ELK 7.8.0 on-premise it works by removing "time:(from:now-15m,to:now)" from the URL

Is no longer work because of this bug . Because of that clicking on a link in Markdown reloads Kibana and time range state is lost :frowning:

Don't have an idea for a good workaround.

Would just suggest to look into recently introduced features that partially cover your use case:

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