How to make a vusializations by request of user

hello, i try to give the users of my site the possibility to vusialize the charts by their needs .So it is possible to give arguments or parametre to a vusialization ? i m new with kibana and elasticsearch any advice can help me and thnx .

Hey @Khlifi_Islem,

You can provide input controls to your dashboards which allow users to easily apply filters to the visualizations. Is that what you're looking for?

hey @Larry_Gregory for exemple i want to see vusialization about age where user give parametre like a village to see terms about age in that village.

Got it. It sounds like input controls can help you there:

  1. Create an index pattern if one does not already exist
  2. Create a visualization for age (ignore village for now)
  3. Create an input control visualization which is an Options List based on village
  4. Create a dashboard with the two visualizations you created in steps 2 and 3.

Users of the dashboard will be able to select a village, and then the visualization will automatically adjust to show data only for that village.

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