How to move Kibana to another server


I installed kibana in a server and for a while it worked. I have a bunch of dashboards on it. Now I installed X-Pack and it is not working efficiently, since it is hosted in a small server with just 1 Mb.

I am planning to move it to a bigger server. My intuition is that I only need to install it in the new server and point it to the same ElasticSearch server, and all the dashboards will be available again.

Is this the best way to move kibana to a bigger server? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!

Yep, a reinstall should work. Kibana stores most state in elasticsearch, all visualizations, dashboard and searches.

There's some state in the file system. In Kibana's data folder there's the server's uuid (used in Monitoring to associate kibana installs with metrics) and there's the phantomjs binaries used in reporting. The phantomjs binaries will be reinstalled with x-pack install. If you want to preserve the uuid you can copy the file over, or override it in kibana.yml.

Thank you!

It worked like a charm! I didn't copy the UUID file and it worked.

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