How to only show result data after filter has been set

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I have a question about Visualize. I created a dashboard with some visual boxes and a control box with a dropdown results I can set. At start the visual reports show all combined data for all devices we have in our result. Only when I set the proper device from the dropdown box the visual boxes will update and have the specific device results. What I am at is having these visual boxes start as empty and only show data when a filter is applied.

Or maybe have a empty dashboard with drill down box, and when filter is selected it will start showing the other visual boxes as dynamic ones.


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It's not possible to show blank visualizations before control box filters are set.

A possible workaround is to set some values in your control boxes and save the dashboard so that these values are the default ones when you open the dashboard again. That way, at least you are only seeing a subset of the data.

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