How to open source maps setting on docker

I run kibana on docker and my image version is ""
But I don't know how to change the setting so that the client javascript of kibana UI have source maps.
Can anyone help?


Are you referring to the standard EMS maps that load by default in the Maps application? Your docker container should have the same internet access as its host for most standard container setups. I just pulled down docker container 6.8.1 and didn't see any issues with the default EMS maps loading.



I mean the the source map of minified budle js,so I can trace the javascript source code easier,
thank you!

I configure the kibana.yml as below
sourceMaps: true
But kibana's error log told that it can only be "false", I don't know why

The acceptable values for the optimize.sourceMaps setting in kibana.yml are listed in this table. However, I believe source maps are not included in release versions of Kibana such as the docker image you are using.


Thank you so much.
I got it!

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