How to plot other values not there in the filters

(amruth) #1

In the Image shown below I am plotting various errors by their gds number. I have other gds types for which I don't have the filter values but I want them to appear on graph. Here only they filter values are appearing.

(kulkarni) #2

I guess after reading through your issue , you are hitting this issue mentioned below. Please confirm if thats the case. Please subscribe to this issue for further updates:


(amruth) #3

This issue does not describe my question.

(Lukas Olson) #5

I'm not sure I fully understand your question. For the "Filters" aggregation, you will only get one slice in the corresponding pie chart per filter.

Do you want to show one slice per "travel.gds_type"? If so, you have a couple options: Instead of using the "Filters" aggregation, you could use the "Terms" aggregation, and set the "Size" to how ever many slices you want to show in the pie chart. You can even choose the top 5 and then group the rest in an "Other" slice.

If you want to specifically show the ones you've shown in the image, along with an "Other" for the rest, then you can use the "Filters" aggregation as you've done, but you'll need one more slice which has the filter "NOT travel.gds.type:(1 OR 2 OR 4 OR 16 OR 32)".

Does that help?

(amruth) #6

Well I want Other slice to be multiple slices depending on new values which may come up. "NOT travel.gds.type:(1 OR 2 OR 4 OR 16 OR 32)" would make all others into a single slice I believe. Then I don't need to use filters but I also won't be able to change names for values. The filter NOT travel.gds.type:(1 OR 2 OR 4 OR 16 OR 32) is not working and giving wrong results as shown in image.

(Lukas Olson) #7

Hmm, unfortunately the best option would probably be to add another field to your data that corresponds to the label you want. Or you could create a scripted field that maps the ID to the label you want and use that instead, so you can take advantage of the terms aggregation.

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