How to reset Fleet Server default output configuration?

Hello, I am trying to change default output fleet server configuration, It is possible? I don't want to reinstall all my elasticsearch again.

Hi @GustavoPires

Just to clarify you want to update the elasticsearch output used by Fleet correct?
You can do it from the Settings tab in the Fleet plugin in Kibana or in the kibana.yml file if you defined it there.

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Yes, I am trying to set another node for default send agent integrations and agent monitoring, in the fleet settings, if I flag these items they show me the error below:

Error while saving output

Preconfigured output fleet-default-output cannot be updated outside of kibana config file.

At the kibana.yml, if I try to change the IP address for the node I want, my Kibana crash.

Instead of change the IP address, I change true for false in parameters in the xpack.fleet.outputs (Kibana.yml), configuration below:

xpack.fleet.outputs: [{id: fleet-default-output, name: default, is_default: **false**, is_default_monitoring: **false**, type: elasticsearch, hosts: ['https://x.x.x.x:x'], ca_trusted_fingerprint: }]

Now it is possible change it in the Fleet settings tab, I hope it's right.

Hi @GustavoPires,

If you remove the xpack.fleet.outputs and the xpack.fleet.agents.elasticsearch.hosts you should be able to edit through the UI

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Understood, can you help me with another problem, is it possible I create my own xpack.fleet.outputs and xpack.fleet.agents.elasticsearch.hosts in the Kibana file (instead of these configurations that are automatically generated)? Another question, when I create an agent policy (agent policies tab) inside the Fleet menu, I can't select another Outputs, only the default, how can I change this? Do I have to change this at the Settings tab and change the default agent integrations and agent monitoring? Thanks in advance.

You can make the output created in xpack.fleet.outputs the default (by adding is_default and is_default_monitoring in your kibana config file.

Or you can select an output per policy in the UI but for this you need to have at least a platinum licence.

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Great, thanks @nchaulet !

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