How to search words in Kibana DevTools console?

Is it possible to search by key words within Kibana DevTools console? If it is, how?


GET _search
  "query":  { 
    "term" : { "foo" : "bar" } 

NO. I mean how to search the contents already shown within the DevTools console. I use the search tools embedded in the web browser, which in my case is chrome, but it only returns the results within what shows in the current screen scope, without scrolling. It means that I have to scroll manually and then search to get targets not in the current screen scope.

lol. Sorry for the confusion.

When using Chrome and the search bar (after I clicked on the result window), I can search within the result.

I mean I need to continually scroll in the console if it is longer than one page shown on the screen. Do you need to?

When I click on the > button it scrolls automatically.

How do you get this search window? I use the Find menu, and it looks like this:

It looks similar.
Although I have MacOS.

But it can only search contents in the current page of the console window. I need to scroll manually (by pressing the vertical scrolling bar in the right side of the console window) to show other contents of the console to search the target. Have you really caught my meaning?

I think I did. It does automatic scrolling on my side whenever I search in the result window...

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