Improving the response for Updating user/role details

(Yuvraj Gupta) #1

While using X-Pack with Elasticsearch & Kibana v5.0.0-alpha 4, there is no proper response message when updating the user/role details.

While using Console, if i Update the user details as shown below:-

PUT /_xpack/security/user/test
"password" : "test@123",
"roles" : [ "kibana_user", "transport_client" ],
"full_name" : "Test User",
"email" : ""

It gives the following response:-

"user": {
"created": false

The response is inappropriate and end-user is unable to understand whether the user details has been updated or not.

(Bohyun Kim) #2

HI Yuvraj,

Thanks for your feedback. We will create a ticket to improve the update message.


(Yuvraj Gupta) #3

Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Can you please send me the ticket link to know what action has been taken so it becomes easy for me to track.


(system) #4