Improving the response for Updating user/role details

While using X-Pack with Elasticsearch & Kibana v5.0.0-alpha 4, there is no proper response message when updating the user/role details.

While using Console, if i Update the user details as shown below:-

PUT /_xpack/security/user/test
"password" : "test@123",
"roles" : [ "kibana_user", "transport_client" ],
"full_name" : "Test User",
"email" : ""

It gives the following response:-

"user": {
"created": false

The response is inappropriate and end-user is unable to understand whether the user details has been updated or not.

HI Yuvraj,

Thanks for your feedback. We will create a ticket to improve the update message.


Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Can you please send me the ticket link to know what action has been taken so it becomes easy for me to track.