In Kibana 7.8.0, my legacy plugin isn't working on Canvas page

I realize the legacy plugins are being deprecated and I should move to the new framework but due to time constraints I want to hold off on refactoring my plugins until I move beyond 7.8.0

I'm having one issue with my plugins. The commons.bundle.js isn't loaded into the browser when I navigate to Canvas page.

Is there a hack I can use to get me through this upgrade?

UPDATE: I found that ui_render_mixin.js did not include commons.bundle.js in the const jsDependencyPath because it came after isCore. However, the const styleSheetPaths did include because it occurs before the isCore check. So my hack is to change your code. I know not ideal because upgrades are painful but we have a delivery in 3 weeks.

UPDATE2: When trying to inspect commons.bundle.js thru FF debugger tab, it causes browser to hang trying to render. :frowning:


So the commons.bundle.js now loads on the canvas but my javascript hack is not running. I have it wrapped in $(document).ready( function()) which works on other pages.

@tims can you please shed some light here? or cc @Catherine_Liu


any chance I can get some feedback on this. We'd like our security banners to show on Canvas page for our next delivery.

@poff - any inputs here?

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