Incomplete number of total integrations under "Browse Integrations"

Hi, I'm having a weird issue with an ELK deployment on a particular system. After starting and configuring Elasticsearch and Kibana, I don't get the complete list of integrations under "browse integrations". I am getting "143" total number of agents and beats, as against "242" in a similar deployment on a different system. Both deployments are on systems running Windows Server 2019.

I get the same results on that one particular system, whether I'm running ELK 7.17.0 or ELK 8.0, the number of total available integrations remains "143" with some agents/beats missing (such as "Cloudflare" agent which I'm interested in using)

Has anyone had a similar problem or knows the solution?

Image of incomplete total integrations from the ELK deployment on the Server in question

Image of complete total integration from a different ELK deployment

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