Index not found exception error on Kibana 5.0 after setting security

(Kennedy Kan) #1

I have set up kibana 5.0 and set up some users and roles.

For example, I have set up System_Admin role and username Technician as follow and I have assign rights for the user for index monitoring-*

It is working fine on index monitoring-*on Discovery Page

However, when I click into other index in Discovery and Dashboard Page, it will gives the following error.

How can I solve that?

Plugin head for elasticsearch-5.0.0-alpha1
Kibana doesn't work with wildcards since Shield 2.1.0
(Jay Modi) #2

It looks like you are trying to do something on a index you do not have access to (lostfound), so you are getting a IndexNotFoundException. The exception from elasticsearch is expected.

(Kennedy Kan) #3

Is there anyway I can change the error to like not authorized instead of giving me the notice of index not found exception

(Jay Modi) #4

Unfortunately there is not. We plan to address this in a future release by changing the behavior to better align with the default behavior

(Kennedy Kan) #5

Is this also an area needed to be addressed for the Dashboard page?
Because even if I am not authorized, I can still see those visulization charts and graphs but which only with titles and no actual visualization, again giving an error of no index found exception

(system) #6