Plugin head for elasticsearch-5.0.0-alpha1


This command : bin/elasticsearch-plugin install mobz/elasticsearch-head doesn't work for elasticsearch-5.0.0-alpha1.

So, the head plugin for this elasticsearch's version is already available or not ?


It's not. Site plugins are not supported anymore in 5.0.

Ok, Thanks

Is that site plugin is still not available in the future or currently in alpha 3?

It's Not available anymore from 5.0.0-alpha1

If site plugin is not available, how can I configure security issue with logstash on whether one is allowed to create an index?

I don't understand what it means.

BTW you'd better open a new thread.

I have opened a new thread. Actually, I have come across with this issue. Thanks.


So ES 5 plugin-head will be available soon or not ?


I already answered you.

Yes but I mean in the future ... after ELK v5 Stabilisation.

There is a very good blog post available about this change that is worth reading.

I didn't pay attention. Thank You Very Much