Infrastructure graph period cannot display less than 1m period

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Using latest Kibana 7.0.0-beta1 along with Metricbeat, the graph visualizations when viewing metrics under Infrastructure cannot be shown with an interval of less than 1m. I've configured my Metricbeats to use a period of 10s, and have verified that the events appear in the index every 10s by doing a quick search under Discover.

The graph is rendered with intervals of 15s, which is what I'd like to see. Is there any way to configure this so that it actually uses the data we are submitting to it?

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I have pinged members of the infrastructure team and will respond once they let me know how we can achieve this.

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Hello James,

Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust that interval. Per the infrastructure team,

Lower intervals would be way too susceptible to the jitter of the document submission
and some metrics like I/O rates are derivatives that need to be calculated across multiple buckets.
For that reason,  getting the metrics out of elasticsearch 1:1 is very difficult since they're always part of an aggregation.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks John for the quick response!

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