Installing ES

My previous post was flagged by @elyssaemrich (done for the truth not to hit surface anytime soon), but this only made more dedicated to write. And will write as many times as needed.

To topic:: my machine is HP Blade server running Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 (LTS). Im trying to install ES (all versions avail.) with every possible way thats officially supported.

No luck, no meaningfull msgs in logs, broken .service file making its way to boot process (making it very hard to boot system properly=spamming the log/console during boot)......

I am unable to revert all changes made AS there are so many it'd be easier to build whole OS installation from ground up.

Im furious.

Sorry to hear.

Can you describe exactly all the steps you did so far?


Tried: deb extension from here
As Im on Ubuntu, I downl;oaded deb pkg, installed it, some crappy init-script (see my prev post),

  1. Compiling from source. Same as above.

NOW: as my production server is out-of-use, because of your crappy software, I demand all of the following ::

  1. Financial compensation for out-of-business hours,
  2. Financial compensation for lost income,
  3. Financial compensation for money spent on reinstalling my server from ground up.

My mail is in my profile. Reach me by mail.

I guess you tried Elasticsearch 5.4.2?

We are testing it against Ubuntu 16.04.

Did you exactly follow the steps documented at: ?

If so, can you tell exactly at which step it's failing or not giving back the expected behavior?

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The deb installer has it's own init script so you should be able to use that without any issues.

I am sorry you feel this way, however please do read elasticsearch/LICENSE.txt at master · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub, specifically sections 8 and 9.

If you are still having problems and seeing errors then please do post as much detail of them so we can try to diagnose and resolve them with you. You'll find that we are more than willing to help if you can provide further information :slight_smile:


hey all,

What the licence is supposed to do here, dont get it? I know its community effort, but there is a company which supervises the production/life-span of ES.

Let me put this straight :: its second day that my server is being worked on (=complete reinstall) so Im out of business for 2 days (and counting). Its all due to your crappy software.

Who will compensate for this outage? Someone as Im going to sue the company.

And no - I will not provide any details of my server as its not what I expect.

@warkolm Ive read p8aS9/f
Fuck license, Im not going to sue specific developer, I am going to sue company for negligance of supeervising rules and failing to see the difference between good and bad developer.

@dadoonet Yes Ive followed this guide. With more than one attempt. Its fucked up; as everything from this socalled company.

Again, we're more than happy to help and we are trying to do this to the best of our ability. We cannot do that unless we ask for more information, and receive answers to such requests. Simply abusing and threatening us does not help anything.

I'm going to lock this thread for now as this is not behaviour that we tolerate in any Elastic community space. Please do feel free to create a new thread with relevant and expanded information, and with some respect towards the community and we can definitely assist you.

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