Integrations not updating and fleet server page not loading

Integrations are not updating and the fleet server page is not loading.

Using ELK 8.8.1

@theacodes is this a cloud instance or a self-managed fleet server? The error is (very awkwardly) pointing out that your Fleet server is not accessible, but if it is self-managed, you may access the server logs to get more details on what may be wrong. If that's an Elastic Cloud Fleet instance, then I would suggest contacting Elastic Support at

hey, thanks for the reply.
it is self-managed. what errors should I look for and where?


I'm getting this error a lot and on different pages.


If it is self-managed, I would start looking at the fleet server logs, and check if you can connect to the fleet server API from your workstation and from the server where Kibana is running because it seems like a connectivity issue between Kibana and Fleet.

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