Interactive Zoom in Kibana 7 dashboard

I recently upgraded from Kibana 5.5 to 7.x.
I noticed I cannot zoom in dashboard visualizations with mouse pointer by default, which was possible in 5.5.
Is there any setting I can choose to make this feature available on 7.x?


Are you referring to maps visualization or visualizations in general?

Visualizations in general, with mouse pointer we can check the values, but in 5.5. I could also zoom in this type of visualization (the mouse pointer would automatically change toi a cross cursor):

If you mean filtering by scrubbing with cross cursor on visualization, you can still do that in 7.x:

Could it be that if you move your mouse out of the chart itself onto the background area then you would see the cross cursor?

Hi Vadims,
Thank you for your time.
I found the problem. Turns out it is necessary to have the variable "@timestamp" for this to work. I was using "Timestamp" as x-axis date variable.
Now it is working fine!

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