Is elastic free version enough to get logs from different k8s clusters?


We would like to receive logs from several k8s clusters, but I wonder whether this would be possible with free elastic stack version. Please suggest

Thanks and regards

Yes it is. What's your concern?

thanks @sspilleman
We are about to make decision which logging solution to use and would like to understand at which level it will cost money. AFAIK for HA there is no free option, please correct me if I'm wrong

You can run a cluster with the free version as far as I know.

Once you want things like security, reporting, alerting etc. you will need xpack which is paid but I believe all of the core functionality is available in the free version.

Some security features are part of the basic / free version.

ELK has also made local user and space management free after 7.x version.
elk pretty much can ingest any kind of log

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