Elastic Search - Free or Paid?

(Steve) #1

Elastic search is a nice tool for log searching.

If we want to move one more step forward, we need to pay for the X-Pack and $$ is involved already.

I hope elastic stack can be packaged into two version: community and enterprise, just like Jboss.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats are all open-source and free to use. A lot of users have built solutions for log collection and analysis based on these. X-Pack is a commercial plugin that can be installed on top of these components and requires a license. There is however a free Basic License available that gives access to a number of features, e.g. Monitoring, within X-Pack.

(Steve) #3

I think the security is basic function but it only available in subscription. Hope Elastic Team can consider the security function can be opened as free.

(Robert Cowart) #4

@stevetso, the simple fact is that without the security features x-pack is much less attractive. Without selling x-pack, Elastic the company doesn't have a sustainable business model and would be unable to pour the resources that they do into make the Elastic Stack so useful in so many different use-cases.

There are other options for adding security. The most simple (and also free option) is to put Elasticsearch and Kibana behind nginx (there are some blogs on the Elastic website and elsewhere that discuss this). There are other commercial options from 3rd parties. However, once you are ready to pay, you are probably best off going with X-Pack as it is the best integrated and is well supported.

(system) #5

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