Is this interface available in the open source version of the Elastic Stack?

Hi guys,

We are new to the Elastic Search world (thinking about moving from Sphinx).

It seems that the Elastic Stack is extremely powerful.
One question - here are examples shown of using an easy interface so that ie. marketing departments can easily change results ranking or weights (WYSIWYG interface).
Is this available through the Open Source Elastic Stack, since we plan to deploy it on premise, or is it only available through cloud or paid options?

You are looking for:

Which you can download from

See for the options. Most of the features are in the basic version (which is free). But if you intend to run it somewhere on internet, I'd recommend using the hosted version as you will just have to focus on creating the business value instead of having to deal with the technical details.

Thanks, did not know that app search is also usable for websites.
It looks like the Basic version includes the dashboard, which is great.

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