Issue with vertical bar visualizations

this is only a simple vertical bar graph that uses a field and timestamp.
however the field selection forces you to choose your field with the first letter in capital. but this gives the wrong result, and if you inspect it will also show this

UI forces you to use uppercased first letter

this results in this query, where result of sums are 0

the correct query should be like this. but UI does not allow you to make the uppercase to lowercase

do you have a workaround for this?

tried to create a new scripted field with a different field name.
but the vertical bar field selection does not allow or show even the script field i made

so it seems it takes some time, before the field gets "recognized" and now it's selectable from the dropdown. will this be changed or fixed in the future? admittedly.. the workaround i did was really pretty absurd

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