Issues with kibana visualization data table not showing matching results


I am using kibana data table visualization to show various fields in my dashboard. There is an issue that I am facing with regards to missing rows.

I have 2 indexes, for french and dutch. There seems to be a mismatch in the number of results being displayed on the table. (FR > NL, both have the exact same total as per the response).

I have multiple buckets and I have been able to find out the bucket which is causing the issue, Here is my config for FR and NL(also, I have increased ignore_above to 512 for these fields and my type is keyword).

"Point to be noted" -> When I add a filter to NL table or make a search, I am able to find the missing entries (on load I cannot find it)

Any help would be appreciated. I am on a time crunch with respect to this one :sweat: (Thanks in advance)

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