It is possible to use Kibana cluster alerts with data from an external monitoring cluster?


Currently We have a platinum licensed cluster running on-prem, and as recommended by Elastic we use another cluster to collect the monitoring data.

This monitoring cluster uses the Basic License, as it is just a single-node cluster only for monitoring.

To get alerts regarding the cluster status, like if it is Green or changed to Yellow/Red and things like CPU usage and Disk usage, we use custom scripts that send the alerts to our Slack.

I'm wondering if it is possible to use the built-in cluster alerts with data from this external monitoring cluster.

Looking at the documentation there is this setting monitoring.ui.elasticsearch.hosts to specify the sourece of the data to the monitoring UI, but it is not clear if both clusters needs to be licensed and if this will work with the cluster alerts.

So, it is possible to use the data from a Basic Licensed cluster on a Platinum Licensed cluster to use the Cluster Alerts?

You would be best asking Support about this, I believe we allow a single node Monitoring cluster to use the same license level as the cluster it's monitoring.

Thanks @warkolm, I will ping our support contact.

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